Dark Tracks by Philippa Gregory

Dark Tracks by Philippa Gregory. The forth book in the Order of Darkness series, the first three ones are: Changeling, Stormbringer, Fools’ Gold. This book was a disappointment. The first one in the series was great, the second one was good, the third one not so good, and this one was terrible.

Dark Tracks by Philippa Gregory

While in the beginning the books have an explanation, in this one is mass hysteria, a Golem, and the book ends up with a dream about the Holocaust. Why?! I really wonder why did she wrote the book like this. I’m not going to read another book in this series, if she plans to write another one. It was just too terrible.

I do not like to write negative reviews, but on my blog I write about all the books I’m reading, regardless if I give them 1 star or 5. The book lacked substance, it was so repetitive that it started to be annoying at times. I wanted to see how she will explain, but, as I imagined, she didn’t.

After reading this series I think I’ve changed my mind about the whole “young adult” concept. I don’t see why teenagers can’t read proper books, and not this “easier” versions. I know I shouldn’t generalize from only 1 series, written by 1 author, but I’m not going to spend my time reading more books in this genre though.

Dark Tracks by Philippa Gregory

Details about the picture: The feathers are cruelty free. Sometimes birds that are coming in my garden to have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner shed some feathers. I collect them, to use as props for my pictures. The black one is from a magpie, the others from pigeons.
My rating: 1/5 Stars.
Would I recommend it: NO!
Published by: Simon Pulse
Year it was published: 2018
Format: I’ve read it on the eReader
Genre(s): Historical Fiction. Young Adult.
Pages: 272

About the author: Philippa Gregory is one of my favourite authors of historical fiction. See more details in my blog post about the books I’ve read by her.
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1 thought on “Dark Tracks by Philippa Gregory”

  • Oh what a shame! PG has always been one of ym favourite authors but more for her Tudor inspired pieces than anything else. I don’t tend to read anything not Tudor related by her as I don’t think she does anything else half as well! This will be a series I give a miss then! I hate it when you invest in several books of a series only to have the last be such a huge dissapointment!

    Sarah 🙂

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