About me

Hi and Welcome to my blog, Coffee & Books.

I always loved reading and I love coffee, hence the name of the blog. I started this blog in 2018 and by now, October 2021, I have over 400 posts, the majority reviews with only a few exceptions. To make it easier, I have a lot of categories on my blog.

This year I’ve graduated from my Foundation course in history at Oxford University, a part-time course for 2 years which was equivalent of the first year at undergraduate level. In September 2021 I joined King’s College London from year 2 to read history. So expect a lot of history books and historical fiction reviewed on the blog. Although you can find all kind of books on the blog, from Psychology as my first degree was in Psychology, to economics or science. I might share my thoughts on a cooking book as well, from time to time.

Me, reading a book

I loved books since I was a child. My mother used to read a lot of books when I was little and I saw how much enjoyment these books would bring her. The librarian I had at primary school was warm and gentle, and she too encouraged me to read. Going to the library as a small child and borrowing my first books was a memory I still treasure today. As life happened I started to read less, but from 2017 I started to borrow books from the library and rekindled by passion for reading books.

I hope you will find inspiration on my blog. I try to explain as good as I can why I give a rating, but remember that these ratings are subjective and highly influenced by the expectations I had even before opening the book.

Thank you for stopping by.