About me

Hi and Welcome to my blog, Coffee & Books.

I always loved reading and I love coffee, as the name suggests. My mother used to read a lot of books when I was a child and I saw how much enjoyment these books would bring her. I also liked the librarian I had at primary school. She was warm and gentle, and she too encouraged me to read. Going to the library as a small child and borrowing my first books was a memory I still treasure today.

After a while I stopped reading as much, being busy with work, getting married, having commitments. But, a few years ago, I discovered that I can join the Liverpool library for free (although I do pay quite a lot in council tax). I got my library card and I started borrowing books. When I discovered that I can borrow up to 14 books I was amazed and I started reading more. In 2016 I tried a reading challenge that didn’t go well, as I selected some genres that I wasn’t keen on and I struggled to finish the books.

Me, reading a book

At the end of 2017, when I saw that I’ve read 60 books, I’ve decided to start Coffee and Books. I thought that even if I read half of the number of books read that year, I would still have plenty of posts to share on my new blog. In the end, I’ve read a total of 85 in 2018, followed by 88 in 2019 and 122 in 2020.

In 2019 I started my studies, reading History at Oxford University part time for 2 years, equivalent of the first year at undergraduate level. I will share round-ups of the books I’m reading for my studies: British History 1485-1603, European History 1815-1914, Spanish Civil War, Approaches to History, and British History 20th century. In the round-up I will mention a bit about the books I’ve looked into, but didn’t finish, hence they are not reviewed on Coffee&Books.

As you can see, there are two main categories on my blog: Fiction and Non-Fiction. I thought this is the best way to classify the books that I’ve read. Both categories have sub-categories, so the books are easier to find, by genre. Of course, History is prominent in both fiction and non-fiction.

To know more about me and the books I enjoy, read the Lost in a book tag. If you want to chat on social media, you can find me on twitter and Instagram.