Read the World 03

I was hoping for 6 new countries last year, but I managed a total of 11. It brings the total to 36! These are the books I’ve read, all reviewed on the blog. This year I will aim for another 6 books from 6 new countries.

New countries, from 2022:
Poland – Storytellers by Bjørn Larssen
Iran – My Uncle Napoleon by Iraj Pezeshkzad
Azerbaijan – Winter Is Coming by Garry Kasparov
Palestine – Orientalism by Edward Said
Australia – Fighting For Franco by Judith Keene
Somalia – Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
India – 1984 by George Orwell
Slovakia – The Devil’s Workshop by Adolf Burger
Egypt – The Open Door by Latifa al-Zayyat
Algeria – The Plague by Albert Camus
Finland – Putin’s Trolls by Jessikka Aro


List of the countries read so far (& max 3 authors):
Algeria: Albert Camus
Australia: Judith Keene
Azerbaijan (+ Armenia + Georgia) – Garry Kasparov
Brazil: Caroline Criado-Pérez
Canada: Jordan Peterson
Chile + Paraguay: Isabel Allende
China: Jung Chang
Denmark: Meik Wiking
Egypt (+ Sudan + South Sudan): Latifa al-Zayyat
Finland: Jessikka Aro
France: Henri Charrière
Germany: Romy Hausmann
Greece: Aristotle
Guinea + Sierra Leone + Liberia: Michaela DePrince
Hungary: Andrew S. Grove
India:George Orwell
Iran: Iraj Pezeshkzad
Israel: Daniel Kahneman; Yuval Noah Harari
Italy: Pino Allievi
Kenya + Uganda: Richard Dawkins
Japan: Masumi Yamanaka
Netherlands: Bart van Es
New Zealand: Heather Morris
Pakistan: Malala Yousafzai
Palestine: Edward Said
Poland: Bjørn Larssen
Romania: Emil Cioran
Russia: Vladimir Nabokov
Slovakia: Adolf Burger
Spain: Antonio Iturbe; Julian Casanova
Somalia (+ Djibouti): Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Switzerland: Sacha Batthyany
Turkey: Orhan Pamuk
United Kingdom: Margaret Cavendish; George Orwell; Mrs Beeton
United States of America: Harry G. Frankfurt; Steven Pinker
Zambia: Dambisa Moyo

2 thoughts on “Read the World 03”

  • Do you base it on where the author was born and/or where they lived during their lifetime? The only time I did a “global” challenge, I based it on where the book took place. You’re doing quite well with this challenge.
    Kelly recently posted…iPod Roulette – January 2023My Profile

    • I take into account where the author was born as this has a great influence on how they write. Also, many of them are moved to UK or US. From that list 5 moved for different reasons, including fleeing for their lives.

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