My 2022 in Books

For the second year in a row I managed to read 89 books! How funny is that? I made 89 the goal for this year too.


My 2022 in Books:
9 fiction books (22 last year). My favourite fiction book: 1984 by George Orwell (Animal farm was last year’s favourite book).

24 non-fiction books (one more than last year). My favourite non-fiction book: Putin’s Trolls by Jessikka Aro

Further mentions go to:
Blowing Up Russia by Yuri Felshtinsky, Alexander Litvinenko
Orientalism by Edward Said
How Life Imitates Chess by Garry Kasparov

53 history books (42 in 2021). My favourite history book: Red Famine by Anne Applebaum.

Further mentions go to:
How to Tankie by Darth Putin (a must read!!!)
How to Manage Your Slaves by Jerry Toner
Surviving Katyn by Jane Rogoyska
The Lion and the Unicorn by George Orwell
Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder
A Judge in Auschwitz by Kevin Prenger
The Betrayal of Anne Frank by Rosemary Sullivan

I have 3 more books in the sundry section, all lovely: Joy of Jigsaws by Holly Lambert; The Architecture Lover’s Guide to London by Sian Lye; Designing Graphic Props for Filmmaking by Annie Atkins.


These stats are fascinating. I read about 900 less pages when compared to last year, despite having the same number of books read. I am very curious what I will do this year, especially as the target is the same.

I saw on Kezzie’s blog a list of questions on books, so I’ve decided to answer a few of those too.

1. Most surprising (in a good way) book of 2022: A Judge in Auschwitz by Kevin Prenger

2. Book you read in 2022 that you recommended most to others: The Lion and the Unicorn by George Orwell or Blowing Up Russia by Yuri Felshtinsky, Alexander Litvinenko. Both are highly relevant today.

3. Favourite cover of a book in 2022: Queen of Our Times by Robert Hardman

4. Book you can’t BELIEVE you waited until 2022 to read: 1984 by George Orwell

5. Book that was the most fun to read: How to Tankie by Darth Putin!!! I loved every single page of this book.

6. Book that made you cry or nearly cry in 2022: Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder and Red Famine by Anne Applebaum

4 thoughts on “My 2022 in Books”

  • It sounds as though 89 might be your lucky number, so I can see why you stuck with it again this year. Good Luck with your challenge! I only set myself a very small target this year, as I don’t want to use it as a challenge per se, but more of a running library of the books I have read during the year, where I can see all the titles in one place. I obviously aim to read more books than I have set my sights on! 🙂
    Yvonne @Fiction_Books recently posted…Mystery At Windswept Farm by Wendy Sand Eckel ReviewMy Profile

    • I see goodreads like you, a place where to keep all the books I’m reading in one place, a bit like the blog, but with a different tracking system. Challenges are good if they push us a bit, but not if they are too demanding.

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