Mary Balogh

I’ve decided to make a special post about Mary Balogh and update here all the books I’m reading by her, as most of them are in series. It will be also easier for me to link to only one post and update this one instead of updating all the reviews with the new links, as she publishes more books in her series.

Mary Balogh writes historical fiction, as in regency novels. I first read one of her books as a teenager, 20 years ago, and I loved her style. Now I’m still reading her books and I’ve also re-read some of the old books she wrote. I mentioned in one of my reviews that one of her books was the first book I’ve read in English, brought by a friend from a trip to UK, before I’ve even considered moving to UK.

Simply Series

In 2018 I’ve read the Simply Series. It is a short series, with only 4 books. In these four books, Mary tells the story of four teachers at a school in Bath.

Simply Unforgettable. The love story of Frances and Lucius, she is a young teacher from Bath, he is a Viscount. 5 stars

Simply Love. The heart-warming story of Anne Jewell and Sydnam. They both have scars, visible or not. It was my favourite in the series. 5 stars

Simply Magic. Story of Susanna and Peter. I didn’t like Peter, too weak. 4 stars

Simply Perfect. Claudia, the headteacher, and Joseph, a marquess. I didn’t like Claudia to begin with, but I loved Joseph. 4 stars

Westcott series

The Westcott series is still written. So far there are 5 books in the series with the next one due to be published this year. The plot of the series starts when Humphrey Westcott dies and he leaves behind a fortune to a daughter no one knew he had, and the title goes to someone else in the family and not his son, as his second marriage was bigamous. This is important in every book, as none of the stories would have happened without him having a legitimate child tucked away in Bath.

Someone to Love . This is the story of Anna, his legitimate daughter, and Avery, Duke of Netherby. She is lovely and sweet and he is unusual for this kind of books, but amazing none the less. 5 stars

Someone to Hold. Camille Westcott discovered that her parents’ marriage was declared bigamous and she is illegitimate. Her fiancé breaks their engagement, and she leaves for Bath and takes a job as a teacher at the orphanage where Anna lived. There she falls in love with a teacher, Joel. 5 stars

Someone to Wed. Alexander becomes the new Earl of Riverdale, after Humphrey’s son is declared illegitimate. With the title comes a lot of responsibility, but not a lot of money, as Anna was the heir of the fortune. He has to find a wealthy wife and he finds Wren. 5 stars

Someone to Care. Viola thought she was married to Humphrey for about 20 years and bore him 3 children, before his death and her finding out he was already married and so she was never legally his wife. In an inn she meets Marcel, someone she knew for a long time, but was never romantically involved until now. 5 stars

Someone to Trust. The story of Elizabeth, Alexander’s sister, and Colin, Wren’s brother. It is a bit unusual because she is older than he is. Also, despite them looking like having a carefree life, the reality is quite different. 5 stars

Someone to Honor is the story of Abigail, Viola’s second daughter. I did not like this book as much as I thought I would.

Someone to Remember is Jessica’s story, Avery’s sister.

Finally, the last book will be about Harry, Humphrey’s son.

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