30-Second Physics by Brian Clegg

30-Second Physics by Brian Clegg is another book from this series that I got from a museum gift shop. I liked the first book in the series that I read, 30-Second Elements, so I was very curious about this one.

It is a very good book, written with the laymen in mind. All the concepts are presented in a way that anybody can easily understand them.

30-Second Physics by Brian Clegg

The topics mentioned in the book are varied, from atoms to anti-matter, the laws of thermodynamics, gravity, and magnetism. There are 50 ideas presented in the book, in a couple of pages each. There are some physicists presented as well and that is really nice, as it offers a more interesting read for someone who might have difficulties with the notions presented in the book.

For me this was an enjoyable read, even though I’m not interested in physics and I do have problems understanding parts of it. Mechanical physics was so easy to learn, but the abstract concepts of quantum physics are very different indeed. I would recommend it, great to read and it is great as gift for someone else too.

30-Second Physics by Brian Clegg

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My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: Yes
Published by: Ivy Press
Year it was published: 2017
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): Science – Physics
Pages: 160

About the author: Brian has Masters degrees from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences and from Lancaster University in Operational Research.
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Books in 30-Second Series: Anatomy; Ancient Greece; Architecture; Brain; Chemistry; Economics; Einstein; Elements; Fashion; Forensic Science; Great Inventions; Math; Medicine; Newton; Opera; Physics; Psychology; Quantum Theory; Wine.
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