The Whisky Cubes Pack by Jim Murray

I love whisky and I wanted to know more, so I was delighted to receive The Whisky Cubes Pack*. The pack contains the book The Complete Guide to Whisky by Jim Murray and eight granite cubes for cooling the drinks without diluting them. I think this can make for a fabulous gift for special occasions like Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day, but it’s a bit late in the year for that), and, of course for Christmas.

The Whisky Cubes Pack

The Guide is fascinating. It covers, obviously, Scottish malt whisky, and also Irish whiskey, Bourbon, Rye whiskey, and Canadian whisky. Each chapter starts with a short history of the drink, in about 3 pages, before a list of relevant distilleries being mentioned, each with its description, in 2-3 pages. I love that, because it is so much easier to decide what you are going to buy. Also, if you happen to have some whisky or bourbon at home, you can have a look at the history of the distillery in the book, like I did.

I went to Scotland on holiday and I would love to go there again. So far I’m yet to visit a whisky distillery also because there are so many and it is hard to know which one to visit, when time is precious and there are so many other things so see. I will definitely check this guide before my next holiday in Scotland.

I was surprised to find that aqua vitae made from grains and not wine is not as old as I imagined, but its history goes back to James IV of Scotland. Murray talks about how the drinks are made, from grains to maturation, so it is very interesting.

Glass of bourbon

This is Old Forrester, bourbon made in Kentucky, US. It was a gift, mainly because I would buy Scottish, as I’m living in UK and I don’t see the point of buying a whisky variation made in US. It was fascinating to find out more about the company and the way this particular bourbon is made. Now that I know more, I think that I would buy it.

The only reason I gave the pack 4.5 stars instead of 5 is because the author mentioned a bit too often for my taste things like “we can only pray”. I imagine many people would not be bothered by this, but I give the rating according to my tastes. Even so, I would buy this book as a gift, and I would recommend it.

The Whisky Cubes Pack

Details about the picture: obviously, a glass of bourbon
My rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: Carlton Books
Year it was published: 2020
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): Guide
Pages: 256

About the author: Jim Murray received the Glenfiddich Award for whisky writing twice. He is a journalist who collaborated with many national newspapers and magazines in UK and US. He wrote The Complete Book of Whisky and Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.
Website & Social Media Links: welbeckpublishing

*I was sent a copy of The Whisky Cubes Pack for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “The Whisky Cubes Pack by Jim Murray”

  • Hi Anca,

    This would definitely make a great gift, for someone like yourself who likes whisky (always without the ‘e’ here in the UK).

    I wonder if those little cubes would work okay with other drinks, as I am not a huge fan of drinks watered down with melting ice cubes. This was always my one beef when we visited stateside, as waiters always looked at me as if it was a heinous crime to order any drink without ice!

    In all honesty, neither of us really drink spirits much, we are both dry white wine drinkers mostly. I always used to enjoy a good gin or vodka, with fresh orange juice and no ice! However, the alcohol never had any affect on me, so hubbie would get more than a little tipsy and I would feel as sober as when I went out. I quickly worked out that that was a complete waste of money, so these days we are mostly alcohol free.

    Scotland is definitely the home of a good malt whisky, so I hope that you manage a return trip one day 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment. The cubes work with other drinks too, I am very happy with them. I would buy more.

  • Even in my younger days when I drank more hard liquor, I was never a great fan of whiskey (we always spell it with the “e” in the US) or bourbon… though my very first taste of liquor was George Dickel Sour Mash Whiskey. I always preferred rum or vodka, though now about the only spirit I drink is tequila.

    I really like those granite cubes! Maybe a stupid question, but are they kept in the freezer?
    Kelly recently posted…License PlatesMy Profile

    • In Romania the hard spirit is similar to vodka, which is a bit boring for my taste, so I’ve always preferred whisky. I have Rum and tequila for cocktails, but when it comes to a spirit, I just love some whisky on its own. I prefer drinking a small amount, but unaltered, so these granite cubes are really great.
      Yes, they are now in the freezer, in a small plastic box. I washed them with soapy water and put them back in the freezer.

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