The Maiden and the Mercenary by Nicole Locke

The Maiden and the Mercenary by Nicole Locke* is the 10th book in the Lovers and Legends Series but it can be read as a novel on its own. There are characters that appear in previous books, but there isn’t the need to read all to understand the story. I would recommend reading them because they are very nicely written though.

The Maiden and the Mercenary by Nicole Locke

In this book is told the story of Louve, a mercenary, and Biedeluue, a maiden who poses as a servant to help rescue her sister. I enjoyed the story and this is why I’ve given it 3 stars. For me it was not as good as the previous book (which got 5 stars from me). Their first encounter is a bit annoying for me, as she was drunk. It makes sense as the story evolves even if the first impression was not great. I can’t say that I liked Biedeluue, she was too brash at times, but I loved Louve.

The story has a lot of mystery and some elements of intrigue, which were mostly interesting, but sometimes it felt like it is a bit too much. Overall I enjoyed the book, hence the 3 stars, I just don’t want to say more because of spoilers.

Lovers and Legends Series:
The Knight’s Broken Promise
Her Enemy Highlander
The Highland Laird’s Bride
In Debt to the Enemy Lord
The Knight’s Scarred Maiden
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Reclaimed by the Knight
Her Dark Knight’s Redemption
Captured by Her Enemy Knight
The Maiden and the Mercenary

The Maiden and the Mercenary by Nicole Locke

Details about the picture: I got this gorgeous tartan scarf in a holiday in Scotland. I continued to use it as props for the books in this series.
My rating: 3/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: Mills & Boon
Year it was published: 2020
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): Fiction
Pages: 368

About the author: Nicole discovered her first romance novel in a closet, where her grandmother, the godmother in the romance black market, was hiding hundreds. Knowing her grandmother wouldn’t approve, Nicole hid in the closet to read them. It was only a matter of time before she was found out and given an offer she couldn’t refuse: enjoy them, but out in the living room please. Oh, and if she could go to the store and get a few more…. A few more? Nicole got two jobs.
She stopped reading romances at university, but she discovered them again when, at work, where another black market book swap occurred. Instead of swapping for another forgettable book, Nicole chose a romance (which she still reads). Now she writes romances too.
Website & Social Media Links: nicolelocke

*I was sent a copy of The Maiden and the Mercenary by Nicole Locke for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “The Maiden and the Mercenary by Nicole Locke”

  • There’s nothing wrong with a good old M&B from time to time, although I couldn’t read them too regularly!

    When I used to volunteer for the local hospice charity shop, we once had donated in sacks and sacks of M&B books, most of which had never been read. The donor said that her late mother had been receiving a monthly standing order of a 10 pack for as long as she could remember and many were still sealed in their original boxes, just how they had been delivered!

    I can remember my mum occasionally borrowing M&B books from the library, so if I had read all my own YA books before our next visit was due, I used to borrow them from her pile and sneak them up to my room to read at night by torchlight!

    Happy memories, thanks for sharing your post 🙂

    • Aww, what lovely memories. I used to read lots of M&B-style novels as a teenager and I still love them. I think I would have bought the whole lot from the charity shop. :))

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