The Ingenious Victorians by John Wade

The Ingenious Victorians by John Wade – Weird and Wonderful Ideas from the Age of Innovation is such a good book. I loved everything about it, the stories, the drawings, especially as they are intertwined with the text and so many of them, offering a good overview of the topics.

The Ingenious Victorians by John Wade

Some of the inventions covered in the text are widely known, like the Crystal Palace, but the details included make it very interesting nevertheless. I liked that he included projects that did not work and that now are forgotten. The book is a mix of curious and wonderful designs, from British Eiffel Tower(s) to safety coffins designed to prevent premature burial, from the first traffic lights to a globe-museum-attraction sort of thing.

I liked the book and the diversity of the topics would make this highly entertaining and informative for most.

The Ingenious Victorians by John Wade

Details about the picture: –
My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes!
Published by: Pen and Sword History
Year it was published: 2016
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): History – Victorian
Pages: 288

About the author: John Wade is a freelance writer and photographer, with more than forty years’ experience in both fields. He has written, illustrated, edited and contributed to more than thirty books, plus numerous magazine articles, for book and magazine publishers in the UK, US and Australia. His specialities are social history as well as photographic history and techniques. His most recent books include Transport Curiosities (Pen & Sword, 2022), Cameras at War (Pen & Sword, 2020); The Golden Age of Science Fiction (Pen & Sword, 2019), London Curiosities (Pen & Sword, 2017), and The Ingenious Victorians (Pen & Sword, 2016).
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