Fighting Evil by Macer Gifford

Fighting Evil by Macer Gifford – The Ordinary Man who went to War Against ISIS – is such a wonderful book. I’ve been following Macer on Twitter for a while. He is a Brit fighting alongside the Ukrainians, in the army. This book was written by him back in 2020 and it is about his fight against ISIS. He was in Syria for 3 years, with some time spent back home in Britain. In his book he talks about his life before 2014, but in passing, before telling the story of his years fighting with the Kurds and the Christians. He was, in 2017, fighting for the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS control.

Fighting Evil by Macer Gifford

I like Macer very much. His clips from Ukraine are interesting and he talks about the culture and history and not only about the fighting. He shows in his clips how life close to the frontline is. Of course, any footage is made in a way that would not impede any operations nor would put anyone from his unit in danger. He was on the frontline and worked with a drone team.

Before buying his book I knew that he was in Syria, so I was curious to see his experience there. His memoir is so interesting because he talks about what he did, but also mentions his emotions and hopes while he was there. He talks about some of the people who died in Syria. Because the fight was over for a few years before he published, he was able to give many more details than he would have been able to if those places were still disputed.

I loved how he talked about the Kurds and I agree with him on the importance of talking directly with people on the ground instead of coming up with a top-down approach when it comes to fighting and to other things, like organisation. The book is nicely written and engaging. I was not bored by the descriptions of the battles and, the snippets of what means to be involved in fighting were very interesting. For example he mentions food and water and dust and flies. These details created a more complex overview of his life in Syria.
Read his book if you can, but make sure you are following him on Twitter as well.

Fighting Evil by Macer Gifford

Details about the picture: –
My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: Seven Dials
Year it was published: 2020
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): Memoir
Pages: 288

About the author: Macer Gifford (nom de guerre), is a British former currency trader and volunteer fighter and medic who, between mid-2015 and 2017, travelled to Syria to fight with the Kurdish YPG militia against the Islamic State group, and as of 2022, is a volunteer medic and recruiter for the Ukrainian Foreign Legion in Ukraine.
He took his identity from National Hunt jockey Macer Gifford, the brother of four-time champion jockey Josh Gifford. He spent five months fighting with the YPG in 2015 before returning to the UK in 2015. In 2016 he completed a second tour with the YPG in Syria. In Ukraine, Gifford was involved in combat and training.
Website & Social Media Links: @macergifford on twitter

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