Liverpool by Peter Aughton

Liverpool by Peter Aughton – A People’s History – was a book I borrowed for an essay and ended up keeping it so I could read it cover to cover. It is a very good book and I think it would appeal to a wider audience and not only to those interested in local history because Liverpool was born in 1207, so in its 800+ years of history there were so many things to be discussed, that link to the wider history of UK and, of course, world history, not least because of trading which includes the Transatlantic triangle of slave trading.

Liverpool by Peter Aughton

Aughton starts when Liverpool was a fishing village, founded by King John (of Magna Carta). He used a great array of primary sources, which initially were a bit harder to read, but as the time progressed the language became similar to the one we use today. On top of that he used a lot of maps, drawings, paintings, and photos to showcase Liverpool. It’s a really lovely book to read.

I liked that he kept a balance, presenting the history as it was, without judgements which sometimes appeared in some Liverpudlian history books. I like the attention to detail, for example in covering the birth of the Everton and Liverpool football clubs. Everybody knows about them, but how many people know the connection. It was interesting to read about that.

Liverpool has a fascinating story so naturally the book is filled with interesting details. Although the attention to detail and the way the story is presented is down to the author. For me, Aughton did a very good job and presented Liverpool in a comprehensive, balanced, and engaging way. I highly recommend the book, it is surely worth reading.

Liverpool by Peter Aughton

Details about the picture: Liverpool in the background
My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: Carnegie Publishing
Year it was published: 1990
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): History
Pages: 352

About the author: Peter Aughton was born in Southport and educated at King George V School. He has always been fascinated by the great city of Liverpool and his earliest memories are of the Mersey ferries, the Overhead Railway and the shipping, the trams and the post war bomb sites.Peter has been a member of the Liverpool and District Family History Society for many years and he still gives occasional talks to the –society. He is a lecturer at the University of the West of England, and his career includes twelve years in the aerospace industry.
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    • The picture was taken in a historical park, where soldiers lived during the civil war and nearby is a prison for drunk people from the 18th century. It was lovely to read more about the history of the city I live in and also to see the history of UK through what happened in a single city.

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