Imagining the Balkans by Marii︠a︡ Nikolaeva Todorova

Imagining the Balkans by Marii︠a︡ Nikolaeva Todorova is a short book on Balkanism, a take on Said’s concept of orientalism. It is a fascinating read, which I would recommend to all studying Eastern Europe or European history in general. It was recommended to me and I am glad I read it.

Imagining the Balkans by Marii︠a︡ Nikolaeva Todorova

She covered in the book various topics, for example what countries are seen as from the Balkans. She looked at various periods and how the ideas change. She talked about how the Balkans are seen. It is an intriguing view, from someone who was born in Bulgaria and thus raised in the Balkans. Thus she could look sympathetically at the subject.

The book is rather old, but the themes covered and how it is presented makes it really interesting. At under 200 pages (without notes and bibliography), I think this is a must read for many studying European history. I highly recommend it.

Imagining the Balkans by Marii︠a︡ Nikolaeva Todorova

Details about the picture: I used Romanian mug and tablecloth
My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: Oxford University Press
Year it was published: 1997
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): History
Pages: 257

About the author: Maria Nikolaeva Todorova is a Bulgarian historian who is best known for her influential book, Imagining the Balkans, in which she applies Edward Said’s notion of “Orientalism” to the Balkans. She is the daughter of historian and politician Nikolai Todorov, who was Speaker of the National Assembly of Bulgaria and acting President of Bulgaria in July 1990.
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