Europe; war or peace? by Walter Duranty

Europe; war or peace? by Walter Duranty was published in 1935. It is particularly flawed as it is very biased and manages to get everything that will happen next completely wrong. That is beyond the point, of course, as this is an important primary source for both historians and those who study journalism.

Europe; war or peace by Walter Duranty

It is quite short and written by a journalist, thus very readable. But because it is so old and particularly hard to find I don’t think it will go through a revival, so not expecting any of my readers to actually look for it. This review is more for my personal record. I have to say that the mention of “unbiased judgment” on the cover proved to be hilarious, as he talks nonsense about all the countries he mentions in the book, from UK to the soviets, from Estonia to Romania and Bulgaria.

I gave it 3 stars because I averaged 1 for content (he really gets everything wrong!) and 5 for importance for historians.

Europe; war or peace? by Walter Duranty

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My rating: 3/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes, to researchers
Published by: Hamish Hamilton – Foreign Policy Association
Year it was published: 1935
Format: Hardcover
Genre(s): European History
Pages: 108

About the author: Walter Duranty was an British-born American journalist who served as moscow bureau chief of The New York Times for fourteen years. In 1932, Duranty received a Pulitzer Prize for a series of reports about the Soviet Union, eleven of which were published in June 1931. He denied and covered-up Holodomor.
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