A-Z Puzzle Book

When my husband and I were grocery shopping I saw this A-Z Puzzle Book on the supermarket’s shelves. It looked interesting and I thought it would be fun, so we got it. My husband and I did just shy of 20 puzzles from it and we are enjoying it. So, just before Christmas, I thought it would be nice to talk about it, in case someone is looking for a late minute gift or is looking for something fun to do at Christmas with the family.

A-Z Puzzle Book

In the book there are 50 puzzles and each puzzle has three pages dedicated to it. On the first page is a short description of the location of the map, with interesting details. The second page is the list of questions, 9 for each puzzle. The first 3 are locations on the map, as in roads, signs, or buildings.  The next 3 are riddles, word games, or anagrams, while the last 3 are trivia questions. For the trivia we looked online when needed, as we don’t know, for example, British sportsmen from a couple of decades ago. It was not an issue though, for us. I imagine Brits might know the answers without having to look online or, at least, know who that person is.

In the A-Z Puzzle Book there are 5 themes, having 10 puzzles each: history, sport, entertainment, transport, and nature. My husband and I are doing the puzzles together and that is much more entertaining than doing the puzzle by ourselves. I think two people can easily do the puzzles together. It can be played by teenagers too, giving them a taste of the “old days” when people used to use maps to find places. I’m not that old, but I do remember using maps.

The book was less than £10 in the supermarket (can’t remember the exact price), and there are other similar books out there, for example The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Tour of Britain, a puzzle book I’m going to buy next, or The Royal Geographical Society Puzzle Book.

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