Wondrous Words. Words New To Me #7

After a long pause of these posts, today I’m sharing 5 words, the first this year. I can’t remember where I heard them. Some are from lectures, such as catenary. For fun we are watching a series of lectures on architecture, which is fascinating. Others are from books or movies, most likely.

Wondrous Words

catenary is in mathematics, a curve that describes the shape of a flexible hanging chain or cable.

guerdons is a reward or recompense.

apposite means both appropriate or relevant and a grammatical construction in which two elements, usually noun phrases, are placed side by side so one element identifies the other in a different way.

tourn the circuit or turn of an English sheriff to hold a court of record twice a year within a month after Easter and Michaelmas in every hundred in his county but abolished by the Sheriff’s Act of 1887.
Secondly it means the court presided over by the sheriff.

glyph is used in typography, architecture, and archaeology. The term means a purposeful mark, can be as simple as a vertical line incised on a building or a carved symbol.

Were you familiar with any of these words?

5 thoughts on “Wondrous Words. Words New To Me #7”

  • I really do miss my WWW posts, however if I do come across a new to me word in a book I am reading, I shall endeavour to feature it on the Goodreads page and Twitter somehow. I know it probably won’t be seen by many people, but I simply enjoy sharing all those little used words in the English language. The only one of your words I knew this time, was apposite – one out of five is not good!!! – Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • These posts are really fun. Sharing them on goodreads is a great option, as twitter shows posts a bit more random.

  • Fun to see one of these posts again! I always enjoy them.

    It’s an interesting group of words and only two of them are familiar to me (apposite and glyph) That said, I don’t think I could have put an accurate definition to either of them.
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    • I am emailing myself words, if I am not at my laptop, so I will make more posts like this one. I enjoy doing them. 🙂

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