Wondrous Words. Words New To Me #6

Today I’m sharing 4 words. Although I heard eschatology before and understood its meaning from the reading I was doing, but, even so, I’ve decided to include it. Mores is a word I was puzzled about and didn’t get its meaning from the reading, so I had to search. I like the sound of it.

All the words I’m sharing today are from readings I did for university. None of these were from books I finished, as I read chapters, primary sources, or articles. I didn’t make notes from where I read them, so for only one I know it was from a primary source.

eschatology is a part of theology concerned with the end of times, the end of world sort of thing.
This must be a word known to people who read on religion.

mores encompasses social norms that are widely observed within a society or culture. Mores offer an insight in what is acceptable and what is not within that culture.
I read this word in a primary source from the 18th century, so I don’t think it is used today very often.

sibset is a group of siblings.
Considering that the known search engine was suggesting subset in maths as an alternative, I imagine sibset is not a word widely used these days.

abeyance is a state of temporary disuse or suspension. It is used in connection with property, titles, or an office.

Were you familiar with any of these words?

4 thoughts on “Wondrous Words. Words New To Me #6”

  • Always fun to see this kind of post! Not surprisingly, I knew eschatology and I was also familiar with mores. Abeyance is a word that I’ve heard, but I couldn’t have put a definition to it. I’ve never heard the word sibset before, but I like it. (my autocorrect tried to change it to subset)
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    • Autocorrect is very keen on maths, isn’t it? 🙂 I think from these 4 mores is my favourite, one I would like to remember.

  • It was half and half for me this time —- I know both ‘abeyance’ and ‘mores’, however the other two are both new to me —- ‘abeyance’ is still quite widely used I think, however I do get some queries and question marks when I use ‘mores’ either in a post, or in my general vocabulary, which I seem to quite often —- ‘eschatology’ and ‘sibset’ were both new to me, but given the state of the world right now and the way it looks to be heading, perhaps I should bone up on ‘eschatology’ just in case I need it soon! —–

    I really must try and make time to publish a WWW post again one of these days! —- Thanks for sharing and Happy Reading 🙂
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