We Also Served by Vivien Newman

We Also Served by Vivien Newman* – The Forgotten Women of the First World War is the latest book I finished on the war. I’ve been very busy with a home front essay and I’ve been reading lots on the war, this is the 8th book in the last couple of months. There are so many wonderful and sad stories, that it’s been a bit emotional to read all these details and think how war affected the everyday lives of millions of people. Also, because I read so much recently, books and articles, seen lectures, I am more demanding when it comes to what I find in books. So, this book got a very well deserved 5 stars.

We Also Served by Vivien Newman

This is a book about women and their involvement in the war. I loved that Newman looked at all women, including the wealthy, and did not focus on the working class, as it can be the case with other books. Her vivid description of Queen Mary’s knitting campaign, which brought so much relief to both the women doing the knitting and the men on the front, receiving something made with love from home. It was so heart-warming to read about that. Also, she made some fascinating points on the Land Army and the use of tractors. There are stories of women recounted throughout the book, which makes the narrative more real.

I feel that I learned a few things from the book, I definitely got to see a new perspective on others, and I enjoyed a lovely book. I highly recommend it.

We Also Served by Vivien Newman

Details about the picture: –
My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: Pen and Sword History
Year it was published: 2021 (first published in 2014)
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): History – WWI
Pages: 191

About the author: Dr Vivien Newman, an expert on women’s experiences during the First World War, works at the University of Essex. Dr Newman is also working on a collection of women’s First World War poetry and a book on children’s experiences during the conflict, both due to be published by Pen and Sword. She is a regular speaker at national conferences and for groups including the Women’s Institute and the Western Front Association.
Website & Social Media Links: Pen and Sword

*I was sent a copy of We Also Served by Vivien Newman for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “We Also Served by Vivien Newman”

  • I spotted this one and considered it, but I seem to be alternating between WW2 and the SCW at the moment. If I get back to WW1 at some point I’ll bear it in mind – it sounds very good!

  • It is interesting to note how attitudes had change so much from WWI to WWII. There is a passage in the premise of this book “In August 1914 a mere 640 women had a clearly defined wartime role. Ignoring early War Office advice to ‘go home and sit still’, by 1918 hundreds of thousands of women from all corners of the world had lent their individual wills and collective strength to the Allied cause”, where women are obviously not actively encouraged to take part in war time activities, but by the time WWII came around women were being expected to take on war work in all its various guises. This is another of those bite-sized books which offers a nice snap-shot of the times. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yes, women were not encouraged to work at all, which now seems bonkers. I think that by WWII, everybody knew how important women were in the war effort, so it was obvious they were needed.

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