The Spanish Civil War: 1936–1939 by Frances Lannon

The Spanish Civil War: 1936–1939 by Frances Lannon is a very good introductory book. At only 96 pages and with lots of maps and pictures, it offers an insight into the war.
Because each chapter has only a few pages and the pictures help create a story, I think this book can be enjoyed by non-historians too. She showcases real people who fought in the war and talks about the impact the war had on Europe. Of course, the international volunteers are talked about too.

The Spanish Civil War 1936–1939 by Frances Lannon

I recommend this book because it is not something talked about. I never learned about it in school (in Romania). But, the way people fought, how important the involvement or non-involvement of the bordering countries is in a conflict, were very important. There are still wars fought close to Europe right now and, learning from what happened 80-85 years ago can help us make better choices now, asking better questions, and having a better understanding of modern day issues.

The Spanish Civil War: 1936–1939 by Frances Lannon

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My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: Osprey Publishing
Year it was published: 2002
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): History, Spanish Civil War
Pages: 96

About the author: Dame Frances Lannon is a retired British academic and educator. She got her BA from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, before getting her DPhil from St Antony’s College, Oxford. She started her teaching career at Queen Mary’s College. In 1977 she was 1977 appointed Fellow and Tutor in Modern History at Lady Margaret Hall. She was Vice-Principal 1992–97 and became Principal in 2002. Lannon retired on 30 September 2015.
Lannon was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the 2016 Birthday Honours for services to higher education.
Books by Frances Lannon: The Spanish Civil War: 1936–1939; Privilege, Persecution and Prophecy: The Catholic Church in Spain 1875-1975
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