The Royal Pavilion by Jessica Rutherford

I got this book, The Royal Pavilion by Jessica Rutherford, when I was on holiday in Brighton and I went to see the Pavilion. It is a guidebook and I was not sure if I should add it to my overall reading challenge, but, in the end, I thought that, as it has over 50 pages, it can count. Considering how much I’m reading at the moment, it’s likely that I will surpass my reading goal anyway.

The Royal Pavilion by Jessica Rutherford

Now, going back to The Royal Pavilion, I think the booklet is interestingly made. It has rather long lists of items on display in the museum, but, at the same time, these might be relevant if you buy the booklet before you visit the museum and not after, as I did. The book can be bought at the entrance, when you are getting your ticket, so I would suggest getting it at that moment.

The guide has a lot of pictures and that is great, as we were not allowed to take any pictures inside. Different subjects are talked about, from how life was while George VI lived there to restoration undertaken after fire, for example. It offers a really nice insight into the history of the building. Also, remember that any purchase in the gift shop or tea rooms helps raising funds for the conservation and daily running of the museums too.

The Royal Pavilion by Jessica Rutherford

Details about the picture: The tea is from Buckingham Palace and the scarf is Indian.
My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes, but buy it before you visit the Pavilion
Published by: Royal Pavilion, Brighton
Year it was published: 1994
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): Sundry – Museum booklet
Pages: 65

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