The Moscow correspondents by Whitman Bassow

The Moscow correspondents by Whitman Bassow was a book I wanted to read for my studies. It is quite short and it was published in 1988, at the time when the soviet union still existed. Bassow was an American journalist in moscow and in this book he writes about the life of the foreign journalists living and working in the soviet union. He covers the period after the revolution and up to the present day.

The Moscow correspondents by Whitman Bassow

The book might seem not as relevant today, but themes of censorship, what and why reporters might avoid some topics, are still important to know. Furthermore, I think it is fascinating and funny. He writes beautifully and there are lots of anecdotes that might keep anyone entertained while reading it.

The book also contains 16 pages of photos, including old ones, which give a glimpse into the lives of the journalists in another way. The book is structured chronologically, which makes it so much better than talking about various correspondents on their own. With only a few correspondents, about 300 in total over the whole of the 70 years, the interactions between them were very important for what they reported, how, and so on.

I think the book is worth reading by anyone with an interest in the Cold War and journalism/news reporting in general. As the style is lovely and full of anecdotes (e.g. the toilet paper conundrum 😀 ), it reads like a novel more than a non-fiction history book. I enjoyed it a lot.

The Moscow correspondents by Whitman Bassow

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My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: W. Morrow
Year it was published: 1988
Format: Hardcover
Genre(s): History
Pages: 385

About the author: Whitman Bassow worked as a journalist in moscow. He has a doctorate in history.
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    • I think he did that so smoothly because he is a journalist by trade, but also has the background in history. It had many interesting things, from how the wives of the correspondents dealt with being in russia to access to information or just food. It is well worth reading, if you think you might find it easily and have the time for it. It’s American focused.

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