Tea, Coffee & Chocolate by Melanie King

Tea, Coffee & Chocolate by Melanie King – How We Fell in Love with Caffeine – is a book I bought from the Bodleian gift shop. It is a small book, but really great. It covers tea, coffee, and chocolate in their own chapters, although there are comparisons and so on, considering that these 3 beverages were intertwined. This would make for a wonderful gift for a friend or colleague as well.

Tea, Coffee & Chocolate by Melanie King

Despite its size, the book has a lot of interesting details on the history of each drink. Each chapter starts with the history and ends with the latest medical advice on them. As all were at some point marketed as healthy and also were seen as unhealthy by others, the medical consensus on these makes for a great way to end each chapter.

I liked the style, there are some illustrations, there is a clear description of the situation without repetitions. There are a few recipes and jokes and ads. She covered the politics surrounding these drinks, but also the culture, how they were adopted, the possible explanations for why tea is drank in UK instead of coffee.
This is a lovely book overall, well worth buying and reading.

Tea, Coffee & Chocolate by Melanie King

Details about the picture: with a cup of tea, a cup of chocolate, and a cup of coffee
My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
Year it was published: 2015
Format: Hardcover
Genre(s): History – broad
Pages: 176

About the author: Melanie King graduated with a degree in International Relations from Sussex University. She worked in many countries and now lives in Oxfordshire.
She also wrote: The Dying Game. A Curious History of Death; Secrets in a Dead Fish. The Spying Game in the First World War; Prophets Seers & Visionaries; The Secret History of English Spas; The Lady Is A Spy: The Tangled Lives of Stan Harding and Marguerite Harrison.
Website & Social Media Links: melaniekingbooks

2 thoughts on “Tea, Coffee & Chocolate by Melanie King”

  • Books like this are fun and I know I would enjoy this one. It’s funny how the health studies on caffeine have varied so much over the years, back and forth, back and forth. I like to go with the “everything is okay in moderation” policy. 😉
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    • Some of the health issues (scares) were made by the ones selling the other beverage. For example the ones selling chocolate said that drinking coffee is bad for men. It’s such a fun book and very well written for its size.

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