Surely you’re joking, Mr Feynman! By Richard Feynman

I don’t write reviews for books I did not read. But I need to make an exception with Surely you’re joking, Mr Feynman! By Richard Feynman – Adventures of a curious character. My husband read it and I pestered him to read passages from the book when he was reading it and laughing. After reading passages, he told me a summary of everything else. By the time he was half way through the book, I’ve decided I’m not going to read it, as I was already been told a lot from it.

Surely you're joking, Mr Feynman! By Richard Feynman

Feynman talks in this book about his studies, telling lots of funny stories. He talks about his work, including at the Atomic bomb, about his personal life. He talks about his experience as a teacher, both in the US and in South America, which shows how different the approaches and, of course, the results are.

Even more interesting, he talks about his passions, which are so different and strange, but fascinating at the same time. He was an amazing man and I enjoyed learning about him. I would have read the book if my husband wouldn’t have told me so much from it. Who knows, maybe I’m going to read it in a few years. This is the kind of book one doesn’t want to put down.

this is an hour long BBC documentary about him

Still worths reading the book after seeing the documentary, as it shows more of him and his ideas, and his humour. I don’t want to talk a lot about him, so you can enjoy the stories on your own.

Surely you’re joking, Mr Feynman! By Richard Feynman

My rating: 5/5 Stars (my husband’s rating, and mine)
Published by: Vintage
Year it was published: 2006 (first published in 1985)
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): Memoir
Pages: 350

About the author: Richard Phillips Feynman was an American physicist, a joint recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965. He assisted in the development of the atomic bomb and was a member of the panel that investigated the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

3 thoughts on “Surely you’re joking, Mr Feynman! By Richard Feynman”

  • Sounds like a book right up my street! Very pleased to read your post and your husband’s 5 star rating.

  • Lovely post, Anca! 🙂 You very often introduce me to books I’ve never heard of, and I find it refreshing. I don’t know a lot about this memoir or the topics discussed in it, but it does sound fascinating. Also I love a book that can make me laugh. Hope you are having a nice weekend so far. 🙂 Xx


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