Science in the Soul by Richard Dawkins

I’ve started reading Science in the Soul by Richard Dawkins – Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist on my trip to London. I know the size of the book doesn’t make it exactly travel friendly, but by now I’m used to having a lot of books with me. On top of that, I came back from the holiday with 5 new books, 3 of which were written by Richard Dawkins.
The main reason my husband and I went to London was to attend a Darwin Day lecture with Dawkins. I was very excited about it, I’ve read On The Origin of Species prior to the event and I’ve started reading this book on the day before the lecture. We both loved the lecture and we took advantage to have a short holiday too.

Science in the Soul by Richard Dawkins

The book is a compilation of 42 essays, lectures, and articles. It is difficult to review a book like this because it is about different topics. I did enjoy most of the topics, but some weren’t exactly what I wanted to read, so I gave the book only 4 stars. I would recommend it though.

Some of the most striking essays were The “Alabama Insert” and The guided missiles of 9/11. You can learn more from this book about him. Some of the essays were made a long time ago, up to three decades, but they are still relevant. I don’t agree with everything he said and/or how he said it.
All the essays have annotations made by Dawkins and that makes them very interesting, putting them in context. Many of the essays have an afterword at the end and I think they add a lot to the book.

Science in the Soul by Richard Dawkins

Details about the picture: –
My rating: 4/5 Stars.
Would I recommend it: Yes
Published by: Random House
Year it was published: 2017
Format: Hardback
Genre(s): Non-fiction
Pages: 439

About the author: Richard Dawkins was born in Nairobi in 1941. At 8 he moved to Oxford with his parents. He embraced Christianity until halfway through his teenage years, when he realized the theory of evolution was a logical explanation for life on Earth. He studied zoology at Balliol College, Oxford.
Dawkins was an assistant professor at Berkeley for two years, before returning to Oxford. He taught at New College, Oxford from 1970 and until he retired in 2004. In 2006, he founded the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.
Other books by him are The God Delusion, Climbing Mount Improbable (a book I’ve read last year), and The Selfish Gene.
Website & Social Media Links:; @RichardDawkins on twitter

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  • Can honestly say I don’t think I’ve read any of Dawkins books but they do sound like something everyone should pick up and expand their mind with from time to time! Will have to do just that next time I see one!

    Sarah 🙂

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