Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times by Sarah Bradford

I did like the sound of the book Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times by Sarah Bradford, and, luckily, I could borrow it from the library. I think the book was lovely, but I gave it only 3.5 stars because I wanted to know more about the Queen, while Bradford talks more about political and family issues.

Queen Elizabeth II by Sarah Bradford
If you are wondering why I took the picture with the drop scones, check the details section at the end of the post. The drop scones are from a recipe by Queen Elizabeth.

I found the book interesting and I did learn a few things from it. The only comment is that, as I said earlier, the author doesn’t speak enough of the Queen. At the same time, it was interesting to see how she interacted with her Prime Ministers, including the ones she didn’t have a lot in common with.

In the book, the family issues, are also discussed, including the divorce between Diana and Prince Charles. I didn’t know that the Queen and Prince Philip kept in touch with Diana and that they were supportive of her. Naturally I was appalled by some of the comments Diana made regarding Charles.

I would recommend the book, because it is interesting. But, if you already know the history from the 50s to the present day, it might not be as enticing as you would expect.

Queen Elizabeth II
Painting of Queen Elizabeth II by Savely Sorine. It was painted in 1948 and commissioned by Queen Elizabeth, the mother of future Queen Elizabeth II. The painting is on display at Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace. Photograph taken by me earlier this year.

Queen Elizabeth II
Photograph of the Queen, taken by my husband when she visited Liverpool a few years ago.

Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times by Sarah Bradford

Details about the picture: The drop scones are made using a recipe by Queen Elizabeth. She made them while President Eisenhower was visiting at Balmoral. He asked for the recipe and she sent it to him, thus we know it too. Here is the drop scone recipe on my food blog, if you fancy giving it a try.
I served my drop scones with pistachio milk chocolate sauce and fresh raspberries. To make the sauce, just melt some milk chocolate in the microwave, but stir from time to time so it doesn’t burn. When the chocolate has melted, stir in pistachio butter until is dissolved. It should take about 1-2 minutes to make the sauce.
My rating: 3.5/5 Stars.
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: Penguin
Year it was published: 2012
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): History
Pages: 306

About the author: Sarah Bradford studied history at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. She is an historian and biographer who has travelled extensively and also lived in the West Indies, Portugal, and Italy. Furthermore, she speaks four languages and that helped her in doing research for various books. Bradford worked in the Manuscript Department of Christie’s London, valuing manuscripts from the fifteenth to twentieth centuries
Other books by her: The Englishman’s Wine, the Story of Port and Lucrezia Borgia.
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  • I haven’t read this book, but would also enjoy more of a personal story rather than political interactions. Off to check out the scones recipe. Love how you styled the photo (very pretty china! and tasty-looking scone too)

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