Erebus by Michael Palin

Erebus by Michael Palin – The Story of a Ship. It is a book about, in theory, a ship. In practice is a mix of details about the ship and its voyages and, also, descriptions of things that have nothing in common with the ship.

For example, Palin will interrupt the historical accounting with some story about his own journeys in the same areas. That is not exactly what I was expecting from the book, so too many “I”s in the narrative. Also he jumps from 1800s to 1980s and so on, again, nothing to do with the ship, but with the Falkland Islands.

Erebus by Michael Palin

HMS Erebus was constructed in Pembroke and was part of Ross’s Antarctic expedition of 1839–43. The first 100-150 pages weren’t great. I started to get bored with the accounts of how many animals they shoot. The second part of the book, that was about the Franklin Expedition to discover the Northwest Passage was much more interesting and I’m glad I did finish the book. Although I don’t recommend it.

The story continues with the efforts made by Franklin’s wife to whitewash his memory and remove any stories of cannibalism, made by someone that talked with the inuits. Of course, there is a description of how the ship was discovered in the cold waters of Canada.

Erebus by Michael Palin

Details about the picture: –
My rating: 2/5 Stars.
Would I recommend it: No
Published by: Penguin Random House
Year it was published: 2018
Format: Hardcover
Genre(s): History
Pages: 334

About the author: Michael Palin was born in Sheffield on 5th May 1943. He read History at Brasenose College, Oxford. After University he went on to follow his passion for theatre and TV. In 1966 he married Helen.
He wrote for a lot of TV shows and for theatre too. He appeared in the well known Monty Python from 1969. He also appeared in Great Railway Journeys of The World, The Missionary (1983), A Private Function, The Dress. He won various awards, including a BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor. In 2005 he is presented with a BAFTA Special Award.
Other documentaries in which he appears: Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole, Full Circle, Hemingway Adventure, Sahara, The Ladies Who Loved Matisse, Himalaya .
He wrote children’s books, like Limericks, Cyril and the Dinner Party, Cyril and The House of Commons, and The Mirrorstone. Palin also published novels, like The Truth in 2012.
In 2000, he was made a CBE in the New Years’ Honours List for services to television drama and travel.
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