Peaceful Conquest by Sidney Pollard

Peaceful Conquest by Sidney Pollard – The Industrialization of Europe 1760-1970 might not be on our wish list for Christmas, but it is surely a very good book for students reading history. I’ve read it quite fast and I like the amount of data included in it. It was recommended by my tutor and I can easily understand why.

Peaceful Conquest by Sidney Pollard

I made over 10 pages of notes (typed at the computer) from it and added a lot of pages to check for future reference. The book mentions all parts of Europe, from Portugal to Russia, and includes details on Romania and Bulgaria too. I’ve enjoyed reading the book.

Peaceful Conquest by Sidney Pollard

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My rating: 5/5 Stars
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Published by: Oxford University Press
Year it was published: 1981
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): History
Pages: 464

About the author: Sidney Pollard (1925 – 1998) was a British economic and labour historian. He was Professor at the University of Sheffield. Pollard pioneered the study of the role of economic management in the processes of industrialization – an industrialization which he thought was best examined at regional levels rather than national levels.
Books: The Idea of Progress: History and Society; The International Economy Since 1945; The Development of the British Economy, 1914 1967; Peaceful Conquest – The Industrialization of Europe 1760-1970.
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