Memoir of Kitty Wilkinson

Memoir of Kitty Wilkinson was published in 1927. Its name is: Memoir of Kitty Wilkinson of Liverpool, 1786-1860. With a short account of Thomas Wilkinson, her husband, edited by Herbert R. Rathbone.

I talked about Kitty in another book I read recently, The Life And Times Of Kitty Wilkinson by Michael Kelly. She was called the Saint of the Slums due to her work with the poor, a class herself was a part of. She inspired many prominent people around Liverpool and they decided to establish bathhouses because of her work. At that time cholera was a problem, but not the main one affecting their lives.

Memoir of Kitty Wilkinson

This book is a treasure in itself as it was published in 1927 and it offers an insight into how people saw the poor in the 1920s as well. The depiction of Kitty and the poor is fascinating. It is also interesting that the book is published under Herbert’s name as the writer, but his wife Winifred was involved and other ladies from the family who knew and have spoken to Kitty.

I read the book at the archives. Firstly I browsed through it, but in the end I read it completely. It is short and well written. I enjoyed it a lot.

Memoir of Kitty Wilkinson

Details about the picture: at the archive
My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: Liverpool : H. Young & Sons
Year it was published: 1927
Format: Hardcover
Genre(s): Biography
Pages: 120

About the author: Members of the prominent Rathbone family in Liverpool. Herbert was the grandson of William Rathbone who helped Kitty Wilkinson. He and his wife worked closely with her.
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2 thoughts on “Memoir of Kitty Wilkinson”

  • How nice that you have access to the archives for your research and reading pleasure. Libraries may vary, but I know some places require permission to use archives.
    Kelly recently posted…Hidden meaningsMy Profile

    • In UK is pretty good, so far I had no major issues. In Liverpool anyone can use the archives, but with a booking and letting them know about the books needed 2 days in advance, at least, and there is a 10-books cap. It’s free and they are open 6 days a week.
      Some libraries need a membership, most are free. Right now I have 4 memberships in London (one for university) + 2 in Liverpool. :))

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