Invasion by Luke Harding

Invasion by Luke Harding – Russia’s Bloody War and Ukraine’s Fight for Survival – is a well written and worth reading book. It is on the 2023 Political Writing Book prize short list by The Orwell Foundation. The book is mostly descriptive, each chapter touching on a different place in the invasion, such as Bucha, Mariupol, or Snake Island.

Invasion by Luke Harding

It was a hard read at times. For example he talks about a person being killed in Bucha and, as I followed closely what happened in Ukraine (since Feb last year), I remembered the exact image he was referring too. With books one needs to create a image in their minds, but I could just remember and it was more emotionally draining for this reason. In a way, it might be an easier read for someone who didn’t follow the war as closely as I did. There aren’t stories that are particularly brutal.

Harding is a journalist and it shows, the book is easy to read and the narrative if fluid. It talked about the issues in some parts of Ukraine, where collaborators impeded the war preparations. It talked about the people who stood up against the invaders. It is definitely a book worth reading.

Invasion by Luke Harding

Details about the picture: I’ve included my Azovstal bracelet because he talks about Mariupol
My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes
Published by: Guardian Faber
Year it was published: 2022
Format: Hardcover
Genre(s): History – 21st Century
Pages: 328

About the author: Luke Daniel Harding is a British journalist working as a foreign correspondent for The Guardian. He was the correspondent of The Guardian in Russia from 2007 until, returning from a stay in the UK on February 5, 2011, he was refused re-entry to Russia and deported back the same day. The Guardian said his expulsion was linked with his critical articles on Russia, while Russia’s foreign ministry said that an extended certificate of foreign correspondence was not obtained in time. After the reversal of the decision on February 9 and the granting of a short-term visa, Harding chose not to seek a further visa extension.
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  • I don’t read a lot of political non-fiction (or even fiction, for that matter), especially of current events. I’m glad you found this good, even if it was difficult in places.
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    • It’s not politics, the book is filled with human stories. With what people did to fight back or what happened to them. This is why I liked the book so much.

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