How to Tankie by Darth Putin

How to Tankie by Darth Putin – The Anti-Imperialist’s Guide to the Modern World. This is a must read for anyone who wants to know how to be a tankie or to understand tankies everywhere. What about Iraq?

It’s not easy because: “As a tankie, you need to be able to think on a higher level than normal people and believe logically incompatible things simultaneously.” This book helps with that, it shows how facts are imperialistic and what to do about them. Also, what about Iraq?

How to Tankie by Darth Putin

It is a short book, with well defined chapters that explain clearly how tankies can argue with colonialist and imperialists, those who are trying to reply with facts and logic. Darth Putin KGB, Prez himself, took the time to write this masterpiece, so we should all read it. What about Iraq?

If you don’t follow Prez, do it: @DarthPutinKGB. His words of wisdom shouldn’t be missed, especially the “Do not believe anything until The Kremlin denies it”, “All my trolls are morons” and, since February 2022, “I remain a master strategist”.

The book has helpful quizzes at the end of each chapter, so you can review what you learned while you are learning it. The topics covered are varied, ranging from why buffer states are less important and it’s imperialistic to think they can decide for themselves, to why russia has always defended itself.

At the end is a long quiz, so you can assess your level of tankie and re-read the book or to know if you are ready to go out into the world and fight imperialists paid by the CIA. Whataboutism is not simple either, but Prez offers advice on that too: What about Iraq?

Only this book can help you on ‘your journey to a higher, morally superior worldview’.

How to Tankie by Darth Putin

Details about the picture: tea, of course
My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: YES!!
Published by: Independently published
Year it was published: Nov 2022
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): History – 21st century
Pages: 64

About the author: @DarthPutinKGB on twitter. Kremlin tried to ban the account, unsuccessfully.
Website & Social Media Links: –

2 thoughts on “How to Tankie by Darth Putin”

  • I’m not sure if this is really my kind of book, but you have me totally intrigued! I’ll see what my options are for reading it and, at the very least, check out the Darth Putin Twitter account.
    Kelly recently posted…Reading Wrap-up for 2022My Profile

    • There is a kindle version of the book, if you fancy that. Do check his account. It’s hilarious and well researched. I learned a bit of history from it. In the book he hinted at John Mearsheimer, which is the best-known tankie. You know, the ones that want to “stop the war” by not stopping the supply of weapons to Ukrainians instead of picketing the russian embassies. If you look at those accounts it seems Ukrainian troops are in russia and not the other way around.
      I loved it, it’s fun, sarcastic, nicely written.

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