Chronicles of Wasted Time by Malcolm Muggeridge

Chronicles of Wasted Time by Malcolm Muggeridge is a memoir published in 1972. This is volume 1, which is relevant to my studies. While I read the memoir for my studies, it is a funny account which is understandable why it was popular when it was published. I had a chat with a tutor about it and he said that this book is funny. I had to agree. Of course, besides the usual caveats with issues on autobiographical work, the book was a delight to read.

The only reason I said that I would “yes-ish” recommend it is that the topic might not be interesting for people who were not aware of him prior to my review. It is a book published 50 years ago on someone who was born in 1903, so, unless someone is interested in this book, it’s unlikely they would actively search for it. But, if you want/need to read it, then it is a treat.

Chronicles of Wasted Time by Malcolm Muggeridge

I will share quotes:

“my secondary school – it had just opened and, in the conditions of the 1914-18 war, was largely staffed with a bizarre collection of aged and incompetent teachers who for one reason or another had been rejected for national service.”

“It is true that the Vietnam war has been unpopular, but mainly among students, who had no routine or domestic relationships to escape from. If recruitment, instead of being among the young, had been restricted to married men of forty and upwards, I doubt whether there would have been much trouble.”

“Imperialism only arose as a doctrine when the Empire was already in decline; as it is the sick who are obsessed with their bodies, the impotent with their virility, and the faithless with their faith.”

Chronicles of Wasted Time by Malcolm Muggeridge

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My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes-ish
Published by: Collins
Year it was published: 1972
Format: Hardcover
Genre(s): Memoir

About the author: Thomas Malcolm Muggeridge was an English journalist, author, media personality, and satirist. During World War II, he was a soldier and a spy. In the aftermath of the war, as a hugely influential London journalist, he converted to Christianity and helped bring Mother Teresa to popular attention in the West. He was also a critic of the sexual revolution and of drug use.
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