Chasing Black Gold by Robert Stone

Chasing Black Gold by Robert Stone, with the subtitle: The Incredible True Story of a Fuel Smuggler in Africa. I was so excited to read this book. I’ve read recently a couple of books by Sir Paul Collier, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University, about the situation in Africa, like Wars, Guns, and Votes. Now I was able to see the situation from a different perspective, from someone on the other side of the law, smuggling fuel. I loved the book, it is nicely written, it has a fascinating story, and, at times, is even funny. Thus, I gave it a 5 stars rating.

Chasing Black Gold by Robert Stone

The book starts in a very exciting way, with his arrest in Africa. After that first chapter, the story begins in 1988 and ends in 1995. It is like a Hollywood movie, packed with quite incredible situations. I enjoyed it a lot, despite not being too keen on his relationship with his family, especially his wife. It would have been nice if they would have had a more open relation and shared more.

Some of the aspects mentioned in the book are quite infuriating, for me at least. When he talks about authorities taking bribes, for example. I don’t blame the ones that are giving the bride, but the ones that take it. In the book, there are a few situations about bribes that create a very accurate picture of the real situation in those countries, as I think it is.

I talked about the book at home, so, my husband said he will read the book after he finishes the one he is reading now.

Chasing Black Gold by Robert Stone

Details about the picture: –
My rating: 5/5 Stars.
Would I recommend it: Yes!
Published by: The History Press
Year it was published: 2015
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): Non-fiction. Memoir
Pages: 316

Chasing Black Gold by Robert Stone
I was given these pictures, to share with my readers.
1. Stone, getting ready to bury Kruggerands and money.
2. The family, in 1996
3. Coastal Shipping Base in Warri, Nigeria
4. Rob, Linda, and Crew, in Africa, 1988

About the author: Robert Stone was born in Canada, arrived in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1973 as a pioneer saturation diver, a very dangerous job in the North Sea. He got married in Scotland to a Scottish lady with which he had two children. He was an entrepreneur, involved most of the time in illegal operations. Stone’s businesses were all over the world, from South America to Africa. He was arrested in Switzerland as a result of an international manhunt led by an Organised Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. During the twenty-five years of his career, he made and lost fortunes, went to prisons on three continents, had a number of aliases. He was involved in marijuana smuggling, fuel smuggling, and fuel trading.

Website & Social Media Links: Robert Stone’s is @rstonecbg on twitter. You can buy the book from amazon and waterstones.

*I received a copy of Chasing Black Gold by Robert Stone for the purpose of this review and book blog tour. All opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Chasing Black Gold by Robert Stone”

  • I am always looking out for new books to read so this post is useful. Going to put Chasing Black Gold into my wish list for my next set of books. Thanks for the share.

  • Sounds like a really interesting read. I’m not usually into history type stories, but it sounds action packed and attention grabbing. So probably more my kind of thing!

    • Hi
      I just read your comments on my story and wanted to thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed my story. It reads better than it lived !
      I do agree with you about being more open with my late wife Linda. Fortunately I was able to get home and spend 6 years treating her with the love and respect she deserved before she very suddenly passed away in November 2002.

      Now almost 17 years have passed but I still very much regret how I behaved.

      I will shortly begin the sequel where I hope to deal with these feelings and hopefully expand on the years following my imprisonments.

      Take care and I hope you will be having an enjoyable Festive Season.

      All the best

      • Thank you for your comment Rob. I’m looking forward to read the sequel. Happy Holidays.

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