Top 10 vaccine objections by Dr Lex Ram

Top 10 vaccine objections by Dr Lex Ram is a short and hilarious book. It is a narrative non-fiction, written in a lovely manner, it’s a delight to read. I didn’t intended to read the book. It was one I got at the British Library in my research on vaccine hesitancy and started by reading the first chapter and went on from there, in one sitting, as it is a very short book. It was so funny that I had to read it.

Top 10 vaccine objections by Dr Lex Ram

He uses non-technical language to make the information accessible to all. The book reads as a conversation between someone with doubts about vaccines and someone who aims to explain the science in a way anyone can understand. There are also some illustrations which make the book even better.

Not much to say besides this, it deals with all the common rejections and fears people have. The book has 12 chapters, 10 for each objection, plus an introduction and a overview at the end.

Top 10 vaccine objections by Dr Lex Ram

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My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: yes!!
Published by: Union Bridge Books
Year it was published: 2020
Format: Paperback
Genre(s): Science
Pages: 87

About the author: Alex Ramirez is a vaccinology and immunology expert, trained in biochemistry and medical research at Imperial College London. He has worked in academia, big-pharma and the biotech industry studying existing vaccines and new ones.
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