Live. Fight. Survive by Shaun Pinner

Live. Fight. Survive by Shaun Pinner – An ex-British soldier’s account of courage, resistance and defiance fighting for Ukraine against Russia – is a must read. I bought the book almost as it went out. It was only published 3 weeks ago. I was eager to read it, especially as I read Putin’s Prisoner by Aiden Aslin, another British POW who was in russian camps, tortured, and put on trial in a kangaroo court.

Live. Fight. Survive by Shaun Pinner

Reading both is fascinating, as one can see the difference in experiences, despite having so many things in common. Shaun was a retired and decorated British soldier. He moved to Ukraine in 2018 and joined the military. He and his Ukrainian wife were living in Mariupol when the full-scale invasion started. He tried to flee the encircled Mariupol, but was captured. He spent 6 months in prison, was stabbed and tortured.

His account of his SERE training and how effective that was during the imprisonment was really interesting to read. He was also shocked with electricity, beaten, and starved. I just loved the book, his style of writing, his openness. He mentions other prisoners who were also imprisoned, one of them dying – Paul Urey.

I highly recommend reading the book. It’s really worth spending the time to read and reflect of what happened to him. Ukrainian prisoners of war are in camps today, are tortured today. I am happy that these books exist and that some of the stories of the defenders of Mariupol are being told now and, hopefully, many more will be told in the future.

Live. Fight. Survive by Shaun Pinner

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My rating: 5/5 Stars
Would I recommend it: Yes!
Published by: Penguin
Year it was published: 2023
Format: Hardcover
Genre(s): Memoir
Pages: 336

About the author: Born in Watford, Shaun Pinner served for nine years with the British Army’s Royal Anglian Regiment, latterly as part of 24 Airmobile Brigade on operations for the UN in Bosnia. He joined the Ukrainian military in 2018 as the country rebuilt its armed forces following the annexation of Crimea. He was deployed to a forward position with the Air Assault Company, 1st Battalion, 36th Brigade, Ukrainian Marines when Russian invaded in February 2022. Captured after the siege of Mariupol, he spent the next six months as prisoner of war. Following his release in September 2022, Shaun was awarded Ukraine’s Order of Courage by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. He has since travelled extensively briefing NATO forces on his experiences. He is currently living in Ukraine with his wife, Larysa.
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2 thoughts on “Live. Fight. Survive by Shaun Pinner”

  • I’m glad you enjoyed this so much, but it’s not really my kind of reading at the moment. In fact, I’m struggling to even keep up with the news these days. There is just so much misery and tragedy, not to mention our current circus in Washington DC.
    Kelly recently posted…The Martian Chronicles by Ray BradburyMy Profile

    • It’s understandable. I think it is worth keeping these two books in mind, if you ever have the opportunity and you are in the right mood to read them. It does seem that there is a lot of misery and tragedy.

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