BOSH! is my second cookbook by the well know duo Henry & Ian. They have mixes and spices and are on social media. I tried their the lemon cupcakes mix and their chocolate cake mix and both were amazing. I also have another one of their books, bought before this one, that I tried and loved. I will talk about that at some point in the future. Check their website for more details.


As last month was Veganuary, supermarkets made offers for food, but also for cookbooks. I got the BOSH! as an impulse purchase and I’m happy I did. My husband and I browsed through it to see what recipes we want to try and so far we tried two, some delicious tofu-fish & chips and a seafood pie. I will share my take on the seafood pie on my food blog at one point, the fish & chips is already there.

BOSH! has 150 recipes and I think all of them have pictures, which is really nice. The cookbook was published in 2018 and it’s in hardcover.

The ingredients are on the left side, so it’s easy to check if you have everything you need or not. The recipe has a lot of details and it’s easy to follow too. I love the photos, it gives one the idea of how the food looks like and it is also inspiring. A lot of work was put into making this cookbook, so I highly recommend it.

The chapters in the cookbook are:
Quick eats
Big eats
Greens & Bosh! Bowls
Small plates & sharers

As you can see, there is something for everybody. Of course, some might not like some of the ingredients, like mushrooms, or are not into cocktails, but with 150 recipes to choose from, I imagine most vegans would have lots of things they would like to try from it.

If you are not vegan, you might still want to check the book out, because it offers some pretty amazing ways to prepare veggies and diversify your diet while trying ingredients you might not have had before, like jackfruit. The fish inspired dishes I’ve tried are so fishy in taste, it’s pretty spectacular and strange at the same time. So, you might want to try that for yourself. Getting some veggies to taste like meat must be a fun way to get your 5-a-day.

Have you tried any BOSH products or any of their recipes?

6 thoughts on “BOSH!”

  • While I’m not sure about the idea of tofu fish, always remember I’m available as a tester should you need on for any cakes you may be making… 😉

    • Made like this, tofu is very much like fish, which is curious considering that fish has such a strong taste. I would need a couple of cake testers to help me with the cakes, so I can keep on track with my diet. 😀

    • I have a list of things I want to try. It’s very likely you’ll see more of their recipes (with some modifications) on my blog. 🙂

  • Hi Anca, I hope you are well and not snowed in. We are still snow free right now, although some is forecast, but it is unbelievably cold out there! I generally only buy cookbooks with illustrations, as I too, am quite visual with my recipes and at least like to see what a dish should look like, even if it doesn’t by the time I have had my hands on it! I think that even if we both gave up meat, neither of us would be willing to forego our fish, as we both love our salmon far too much for that. In our defence, we do only ever buy the top quality meat, so we do balance off quantity in favour of quality. I could actually probably exist on either rice or pasta with vegetables, but please don’t make me give up my cheese!! Enjoy choosing some new dishes to try 🙂

    • Our dog loves snow, so I wished we had some. In the morning it snowed for a couple of minutes and now the sun is shinning.

      If you like fish so much and you like to experiment, you have to try the recipes I mentioned, especially the Seaside Pie – . In the book it doesn’t have any aubergines, but 600g of mushrooms. The taste of fish is so realistic that it’s strange.

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